Differences between Nurse Practitioners and Doctors.

The thing about nurse practitioners is that they are trained under a nursing model, not a medical one. The information is the same, but presented in a much different way. I can tell you that the training I got in the arts of physical exam and interviewing were alongside the medical students at my university.

Medical school gives you the science background, which is great if you are going to study gene therapy or find a cure for cancer. It doesn’t teach you much about how to take care of patients, which is why you have to do a residency. Residency teaches you how to take care of diseases and sicknesses, but it’s brutal schedule and the medical milieu take away some of the “taking care of people” part. Nurse Practitioners have years of work experience as Nurses taking care of people, diseases & sickness before becoming Nurse Practitioners.

You don’t need neuroscience to take care of people, especially healthy people or people with chronic conditions. You don’t need a medical degree to take blood pressures, manage medication, give vaccinations, talk to someone about their depression or how sick their mom is. You don’t need a 5 year residency to diagnose an ear infection or treat a cold. You just don’t. And nurse practitioners, by their training in nursing, are much more likely to deal successfully with chronic conditions because they will talk to you and listen to you. They want to take care of you, not just fix your illness. If you have a brain tumor, that’s not so helpful, but for the vast majority of every-day health concerns, your nurse practitioner is your friend.