Essential websites

Alzheimer’s Association. and the Alzheimer’s Association’s Community Resource Finder, which is a directory of provider specialists. It also has a 24/7 Helpline!

AARP’s Family Caregiving Website.  You can’t write about caregiving websites without talking about AARP’s. Every conceivable topic including, for example, How to Avoid Losing Your Temper and How to Forgive Yourself When You Do & a helpline!

Caregiver Action Network (CAN). This website is that it allows you to browse advice according to whether you’re new to caregiving or have been a caregiver for many years.  And, it also addresses challenges specific to long-distance caregiving and to working and caregiving.

Daily Caring. A straightforward website with a comprehensive set of articles on topics ranging from Medicare and Medicaid to finding home care.

Medical Information

Better Health While Aging.  Dr. Leslie Kernisan whose tools and blogs eliminate lingo and put everything in understandable terms.

The American Geriatric Society’s is dedicated to providing an expert source of information about managing the medical aspects of aging.

Hospitalizations and Transitions in Care

Next Step in Care.  Next Step in Care is a program dedicated to providing practical advice and easy-to-use guides that help in the process of transitioning your parent’s care from one location to another (e.g., hospital to nursing facility). At the top of the website, on the right hand side, there’s a box where you can enter the location your parent is leaving and the location your parent is going — and then the website provides you with the information the program has developed for that specific move.

It’s treatment of hospital-induced delirium is a little thin so go to the Hospital Elder Life Program if you need more information on that topic.

Managing Money

There’s a whole profession dedicated to helping your parents manage their money. It’s called Daily Money Managers (DMM). So even if you don’t live near their offices, you can still get their advice. One of these is Eddy and Schein, based in NYC and LA. The other is Everyday Money Management, based in Maryland.

Dealing with Medicare

The Center for Medicare Advocacy has a lot to offer as a resource on Medicare. It explains topics like program enrollment, out of pocket costs, and coverage appeals. The site’s self-help packets walk you through Medicare rules and regulations.

You may want to talk person-to-person with someone in a state health insurance assistance program. If you’re looking for Medicare supplemental insurance rate information, your state office of insurance regulation usually has a page that will provide you rates without having an insurance sales agent.

Decision Tools

Roobrik. An advertising-free website that delivers online decision tools help older adults and their families make difficult health and care choices .

Support and Inspiration

Maria Shriver  – proof that even a lifetime of success and accomplishment cannot protect you from the challenges of caregiving. & her projects, including The Women’s Alzheimer’s Challenge.  includes caregiver blogs, daily chats, free webinars, and it’s easy to navigate.