What can I expect during a home visit?

Home visits by a Kumuda Nurse Practitioner are tailored to you and your needs.  We offer a range of services from medical diagnoses, prescriptions, and coaching, to maintaining or improving wellness so you can be your healthiest you.

We uniquely offer medical care based on a foundation of lifestyle, diet,  health education and support in self-care. Through increased awareness, education and the proper tools, you can make healthy lifestyle choices which will keep you out of the hospital. You are unique, and we will customize a program to serve your individual needs.

Home visits by Kumuda Nurse Practitioner can also decrease the likelihood of exacerbations of chronic medical conditions and unnecessary and costly emergency room visits, hospitalizations and nursing facility placement. We also offer an evaluation of your home environment from a medical perspective.

Home visits by Kumuda are especially for you if you have had significant inconvenience traveling for medical care due to limited resources, severe mobility impairments, severe pain, terminal illness, or other limiting chronic conditions.

During your home visit, the Nurse Practitioner will evaluate safety issues and other conditions in your home from a medical perspective. We will conduct a basic assessment of the home environment in relation to your health and welfare.